Valley Times
November 29th, 2005

Pg A7:


Next, I stopped by the sixth annual Good Neighbors Holiday Boutique on Touriga Drive, founded by Sandra Kay, Nancy Eddinger, Patti Benson and Virginia Lai.

Chairs lined the front walk, but these weren't for sitting in. Karen McMillan and Pia Murphy, owners of A Chairished Garden, refurbish thrift store chairs, add embellishments and convert the seats into whimsical planters. Contact them at 925-462-8901.

Once inside, the crooning of Bing Crosby and scent of home-baked goods set the holiday mood and the display of Sandra Kay's "Create-Your-Own" magnetic frame craft kits for children caught my eye. Each kit contains the basics for making personalized artwork and photo frames.

Now available online and in stores, Sandra's craft kits have been featured on HGTV and NBC. Check out


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