FROM CNA MAG article Oct 2003

Pg 20:

Mag Time Frames is one company attracting attention for its innovative product that has both crafting and scrapbooking applications. Each kit comes with all the hardware to create a one-of-a-kind frame. The crafter supplies the embellishments and photos. What’s unique is that photos are held to the frame via magnets, so you can change and rotate your photo often.

Mag Time Frames creator and owner Sandra Kay explains, “The idea was born from laziness. I was looking for an easier way to keep my casual pictures current. When I happened across a mass manufactured magnetic frame, I appreciated the benefit of being able to pop pictures in and out, but I was not at all attracted to the look of the frame.”

What resulted is a patent pending do-it-yourself kit for $14.99 suggested retail that retailers love because it sells lots of craft materials like paper, stickers, beads, patches, ribbon and much more. The kit plus the crafter’s materials means a 20-minute project for under $20 that can be enjoyed every day. Kay says that retailers can best sell Mag Time Frame Kits through merchandising with inspiring finished samples and through classes.

Kay sees the movement toward craft/framing as a solution to sales stagnation. Kay says there are an infinite selection of papers, stickers, embellishments and tools, but a very finite selection of surfaces for application. “I’ve encountered countless scrapbook dropouts who express two primary reasons for struggling with their hobby: cost and time. The dropouts actually then become an exciting new customer opportunity for retailers. Scrapbooks pulled them in, whetted their appetites. The smart retailer moves them to new products.”