From Create & Decorate, April 2005

Pg 51:

Thousands of Mag Time Frames adorn the table tops, shelves and walls in homes across America - but no two are exactly alike. These innovative and charming magnetic home décor frames can be handmade to match any room decor in any imaginable theme. In addition to providing a wonderful empty canvas for creative expression, Mag Time Frames also help you keep your pictures current. The magnetic feature makes Mag Time Frames the quickest and easiest frame for changing and updating your photos — just lift the magnets. Also highly versatile, Mag Time Frames will hold 5x7, 4x6 or smaller photos in both horizontal or vertical position plus the backside can be decorated to yield reversible home décor. Perfect for everyone from craft-loving children to seasoned professional artists, Create-Your-Own Mag Time Frame Kits are a very rewarding creative project because the results are always beautiful, useful and one-of-a-kind.