From Altered Arts Magazine, Jan/Feb 2005

Pg 50:

There are two things I enjoy immensely — creating altered art and scrapbooking. I love products that offer me the opportunity to combine these two activities. I recently experienced this using a product called Create-Your-Own Mag Time Frame Kit which was created by Sandra Kay. Sandra's story is one that I hope will inspire you in many ways.

Sandra has overcome many adversities in her life. As a three time victim of violent crime, she spent years battling undiagnosed, untreated post-traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD). At the age of 30, she considered herself completely healed and was ready to make up for the valuable time she felt she had lost to fear.

Unable to find a soul mate but knowing that she wanted to be a mother, she did some research and decided to have a child on her own. To her surprise, she met her husband John when she was three months pregnant. They were married 1½ years later. John legally adopted Taryn the following year, and a year after they added Jack Thomas Kay to their family.

Sandra states, “When you have PTSD, your day-to-day life is about survival — you are in fear all day, every day; and it is impossible under those circumstances to try new things, experiment, or create. At 38, I am thrilled now to embrace each new day and to handle the many responsibilities my business demands. I especially love designing and teaching.” was born out of Sandra's garage, kitchen, family room, and half of her bathroom. She began by creating magnetic home decor frames for her home, for gifts, and then to sell at local boutiques. Her brother Larry suggested she market “do-it-yourself” kits. This marked the beginning of the patent-pending product she has in the creative market place today.

Sandra is very proud of her Create Your Own Mag Time Frame Kit (CYO MTF KIT). She explains, “The kit provides creative consumers with their first opportunity to truly create and customize their own magnetic home décor frame. You can showcase your personal creative style plus have the added benefit of being able to simply and quickly update your photos.”

Altered artists will enjoy these kits. Anything an artist would creatively apply to a book can also (and more easily) be applied to the wood, metal and magnets in the CYO MTF KIT. Included is an easel to help you display your artwork. This product is not only aesthetically attractive, but it has a practical use as well. Turn the Mag Time Frame over and it can be used as an additional empty canvas for even more artistic application. Just one CYO MTF KIT yields the opportunity for a reversible magnetic altered art decor plaque with room for interactive surprises on each side.

The CYO MTF KIT has given birth to several offspring products including:

Mag Time Frame Make n' Take Design Center: This is really convenient because you don't have to wait or pay for a class. When you visit a retail store with a MTF Design Center, you can pick out your favorite papers and embellishments from the store shelves, walk over to the design center which has everything you need including easy to follow step-by-step instructions. You can leave in under 20 minutes with a gorgeous, customized, personalized Mag Time Frame design. Sandra has worked very hard behind the scenes to make it comfortable and as quick and easy as possible for the customer.

MTF Mix n' Match Magnets: These are fun because not only are your photos interchangeable, but you can interchange magnets also. It adds so much versatility.

MTF Audible Embellishments: Sandra loves interactive art, so she added these two products as fun, interactive and whimsical accessories. For more versatility — you can interchange photos, interchange magnets, and interchange verbal messages also. With the MTF Music, a favorite for altered art artists, you have this unique opportunity to add a small, charming musical hand-crank instrument which plays a sentimental or favorite melody.

Sandra would like to see handmade Mag Time Frames common in homes and offices everywhere. She states, “It's so inspiring to see people's creative styles and favorite photos on display where everyone can enjoy them.

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